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Time Stopper

The app for all your timing needs
* Clock
* Timer
* Stopwatch
* Alarm
* Timestopping

Be advised that the time stopping functionality in this app is for entertainment purposes only and is not real!

Pushing the Sto

Ever Dialers Time Bomb Rootkit Stopper 1.3.62

Kernel-level Active Protection defends 24-7.

Rest Stopper

Rest Stopper, the Rest Stop Finder App, is the perfect tool to help you locate R

Call Stopper

Are you tired of letting your emotions control your present and future?Are you tired of being embarrassed for having few drinks and making that awkward/stupid call to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend or current flirt?Would you accept help? :)The solution is

Blob Stopper

Use explosive barrels, semi-automatic weapons, and even bananas to prevent the blobs from reaching the finish line! Experience the fast-paced frenzy filled with fire, flashbangs, and furious finger finagling! With 9 unique weapons to try, 12 types of perk

TUI Stopper

Is your mobile phone your worst enemy when you're drunk? Do you frequently text while drunk? Or do you drunk dial? And when you do, it's always that one person you say you're not going to text or call - maybe an ex, your boss, or a particular friend. An

Holiday SweetTooth Stopper

The holiday season is when most folks put on extra weight! If you're like me, yo

Stopper Cube Bridge

By touching short threads, which move up and down constantly, connect them to ma

Light Stopper

Light Stopper is a game in which a red bar moves up a column filled with slots and you have to stop the red bar on the slot right next to the arrow. If you do that than you have beaten that speed and are able to go to the next speed. When you win you wi

Tornado Stopper

FREE today, grab it fast ! Tornado Stopper is a unique fast paced reaction time game that needs quick reflexes and good timing to catch the light as it races around the track. Avoid explosive land mines and other obstacles in 20 faster and faster levels.

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