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You-Tack! Pro

YOU-TACK! Pro is the first Android app to offer the official ISAF Racing Rules o

Horse Tack Guide

Enjoy this quick and easy to read beginner's guide to Horse Saddle

Tack Pad

Tack Pack is an iPad passage planning tool for sailors. It computes tacking solutions for up or down wind destinations under selected wind and current conditions. Tack Pad uses Polars to estimate speed and leeway and will provide estimated time of ar

The Tick Tack Toe
Windows 8

A game which would surely help you recall your good old childhood days

Tack Store

Find your next tack item from our huge classified listing. You'll find detailed information, contact information, and photos. Use the search and sort feature to quickly find exactly what you're looking for. Save favorite items and review them later.


Set aside that pen and paper - there is nothing like Tic Tac Toe on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! Tick-Tack-Toe is a fun way for adults to help young kids with basic problem-solving skills as well as basic strategy or is just a great diversion for a

Noted by Tack

Noted is a simple and elegant way to take notes on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Capture your thoughts in a whole new way with a delightful gesture-driven interface that puts the focus on your notes.

“a beautifully simple gesture-based note-ta

Start by Tack

Start is a simple, gesture-driven alarm and stopwatch. Tap the plus icon to create your alarm, spin the dials to set the exact time and customize your alarm with default tones or your personal music. Tap the arrow and direct Start to launch into your

Adrift by Tack

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Tack Sharp

Tack Sharp is an intuitive application for photographers - allowing them to quickly determine the best camera settings for sharpest focus of multiple subjects. The interface is bright and simple ensuring that this tool can be used in a wide range of sit

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