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Stand OFood 1.0

Stand OFood is an interesting arcade game for free.

Stand OFood

Stand o' Food is an exhilarating arcade game that challenges you to feed a host of hungry patrons before they leave in a huff! As people line up at your counter, you'll slap together burgers, bacon melts and more as quickly as you can

Stand OFood Game

Keep the line moving as customers and orders start piling up

Stand Up! The best Stand Up Comedy Jokes for you

The very finest jokes and bits from stand-up comedy captured on iPhone. It just gets FUNNIER & FUNNIER! * Never ending store of very best stand up comedy jokes. * Everyday occurrences turned into something everybody can laugh at * Jokes from the legends,

Stand Up

Stand Up is bringing the funniest stand up shows to your mobile phone.

Last Stand

You’re pinned down, the zombie mob advancing on your stronghold. Protect yourself any way you can!The more you destroy and the more blockades you build, the more money you will win to increase your chances of living on! This is your last chance to survive

Lemonade Stand (No Ads)

See if you have what it takes to run the most successful lemonade stand and become a true lemonade tycoon! Control almost every aspect of your lemonade business. From purchasing ingredients in varying quantities at changing pricing, to tweaking your recip

Stand Up Comedy

This is a brilliant series featuring the worlds best stand up comics. Prepare f

Last Stand Lite

It won't hold forever...

Night Stand

Night Stand is the most beautiful digital clock that money can buy for Android.

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