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Sodium One ~ Sodium Counter

Sodium One is a complete and easy-to-use Sodium Counter application. While keeping sodium intake under control would benefit the health of everyone, the app is especially useful for the people with a salt-sensitive health problem like high blood pressur

EZ Sodium Tracker

EZ Sodium Tracker makes tracking your daily sodium easy! Simply tap to add sodium as you consume your meals. Not sure how much sodium is in a food or drink? Use our lookup tool and search our database of over 17,000 food items! Then browse our motivating

Sodium 101

An increasing number of people are eating processed and "fast food" for convenience and cost, while unaware of its frequently high sodium content. This is leading to high rates of high blood pressure and other health issues. To help people take control

Sodium Manager

Manage your sodium intake with ease using Sodium Manager! Backed by an extensive database of commonly eaten foods -- including brand name and restaurant foods -- Sodium Manager makes keeping tabs on your sodium consumption quick and easy (and maybe even f

Sodium Fawn hollAnd

hollAnd's "Sodium Fawn" is an audio and visual art application. Music and photography: D. Trevor Kampmann. Design: Mark Robinson for Teen-Beat. iPad App software: Ivan Ramiscal. This is Teen-Beat 490.

Al-Zikar (Tasbeeh, Counter, Tasbih, Digital Counter)

© © 2013 Weziz

Flick Counter - Tally Counter , Measure without looking at the screen

Without looking at the screen!
Up to 5 TALLY COUNTERS can be operated easily.
Supports text-to-speech in the voice of Siri!
(iOS7 more)
the 3 point "can be operated without looking at the screen"

Flick Counter FREE - Tally Counter , Measure without looking at the sc

© © 2013 FlickApps

Counter - Advanced Tally Counter for iPhone

Counter is a simple yet powerful tally counter for iPhone.

+ Upto 15 counters
+ Rename each counter as you want
+ Simple interface
+ Optional audible confirmation
+ Select the step size for your count (-10 to

Tally Counter Pro [Single & Dual Counter]

Best Counting-Tool Ever!


# Single Counter
# Dual Counter (for counting two things at same time)
# Autosave Counts
# Savety Reset (slide to reset)
# Click-Sound

Watch this App at YouTube, link avail

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