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Checker - Memory & Disk Space System Checker -

This app will check your iPhone by it's RAM usage status, indicates the RAM in percentage. Also, this app will check your iPhone Disk Size to let you know how much free disk space is available in your Phone. Cool Design, simply open the app to ch

PR Checker

PR Checker is a utility for checking the Google PageRank for your websites(domain/URL) on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. PR Checker features: - Supports multiple websites - Supports reordering websites - Tap to refresh PR for a single website - Batch updat

BIN Checker

BIN Checker is an application that allows to identify the bank and country of a specified BIN (Bank Identification Number). The application also allows to look up for BINs associated to a bank using search option.

Bank identification number

DSL Checker (UK)

The Exa Networks DSL Checker allows you to check a UK telephone number or postal code to determine its suitability for a broadband connection. The information, as with all broadband checkers is a guide only, and speeds can differ substantially dependent

Sex Checker

Do you want to know yours compatibility in Sex? That is where we provide information telling us that professional production! You want to do it this year linked with human destiny. Name, date of birth, gender simple input, check the compatibility of t


GOD CHECKER このアプリは、ミズホのパチスロ機「ミリオンゴッド 〜神々の系譜〜」の出目から、滞在モードを判別するためのアプリです。 雑誌等で公開されている、モード別の出目確率に基づいてベイズの定理によりモード滞在率を更新します。 低いモードを避けることにより、効率よく当たりを狙うことを目的としています。また、どういった出目の時にどのように期待度が変化するのかを視覚的に把握するのにも便利です。 《使い方》 ・パターン入力モード 出目を16通りの出目パターンの中から選んで入力します。ワンタッチ

FIT Checker

Application for CVUT-FIT Students for getting their school results from information system.

Egg Checker

Check the age of a carton of eggs before you buy them, right in the grocery store! Egg Checker is a handy app that shines both in the kitchen and in your grocery store’s refrigerated section. The app uses the Julian Date stamped on every package of USDA

GPS Checker

GPS Checker is an utility for satellite navigation systems or other GPS applications on your iPhone. 
Usually iPhone is very slow in detecting satellite signals, causing too much time lost at the opening of GPS applications.
 GPS Checker has an innovative

Checker LS

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