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Quran Android

Quran Android is a free, open source Quran application for Android devices. The

Al Quran - القرآن & Quran Tafsir - تفسير قرآن : with Quran Mp3, Daily

Read the Glorious Al Quran (Islam's central religious text) in Arabic Uthmani script with Free access to 40 Coran Translations, Arabic Tafsir, Search Engine & more on you're iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Some of the Amazing Features of


Android is a 2D platformer very similar to Brøderbund’s classic Lode Runner. The goal is to guide an android around each level, collecting every bag of gold on the screen while avoiding roving enemies and collecting bonus fruit. As with Lode Runner, gam

Android NIM

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"Crazy fun and fun too!!" - Game reviewer RiverOnFire "Simple pick-up-and-play" - Game reviewer Jasoncarulli - Game description This unique survival game is different from the others. Unlike those you just get scores at the end, your skills will be rewa

Tajweed Quran by Quran Touch with Tafsir and Audio (القران الكريم تجوي

The all new Quran Touch Tajweed the complete Quran in Uthmani Book form with colors for tajweed, verse by verse translation, transliteration, and recitation. This is perfect for Kids and Adults alike.

* Full Quran text with more than 10 Tra

Quran Memorizer - The Holy Quran: Read, Memorize, Search, Translate, a

Qur'an Memorizer is the most beautiful and powerful copy of the Qur'an available for your iPad and iPhone. It looks, feels and responds so much like a real book that you might just forget you're using an app at all. The focus is where it

Quran Tafsir تفسير القرآن - Translation of quran to 40 language,Kuran


Quran Index: Search Holy Quran

** QURAN INDEX PRO VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE. With a fresh new look and many new

Android Development

Have you ever wanted to learn Android (Java) programming? If you answered yes, Android Development is the app for you! In Android Development you will find over 400 mins of 720P HD video for your iPhone or iPad.

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