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Poker Analytics Pro - Poker Tracker & Bankroll Manager

NEW! Poker Analytics 3.0 now released! Check out the release note!

Poker Analytics is the most simple and advanced poker tracker for the iPhone.

« I’ve tested it and I must say I have been blown away » - Poker Bast

Poker Analytics - Poker Tracker & Bankroll Manager

NEW! Poker Analytics 3.0 now released! Check out the release note!

Note: This is the free version of Poker Analytics Pro, with all features, limited to 10 sessions. The limit can be increased to 20 if you follow us on twitter and you send u

Poker Blind Manager
Windows 8

Poker Blind manager is your game assistant.Manage turn , small and big blind for you

Ultimate Poker Manager Free
Windows Phone

*** The Ultimate Poker Manager Free is one of the most popular poker tools in the Store *** The Ultimate Poker Manager Free is a complete toolkit to host and track poker games


Gambling bankroll management
Recording while playing
Instant chips curve
Casino location
Statistical analysis
Risk og ruin calculation
Automatic conversion of various currencies
Data backup and recovery
Exchange data w

Poker Manager

An elegant way to manage your Poker Tournaments. Be ready to play in seconds. The intuitive user interface makes poker management easier than ever. With Poker Manager, you are going to be the star at your Poker games. The Play Screen will display the bl

Poker Manager Remote

If you organize your tournaments with Poker Manager. Poker Manager Remote lets you connect as an Administrator and control the tournament running under Poker Manager on your Mac or iPad. Works through WiFi or Bluetooth. Rebuy, Add-On or Eliminate any play

Poker Tournament Manager

Enhance your home poker experience by managing your weekly poker night with your iPhone! Poker Tournament Manager provides you with everything you need to organize buy-ins, blind levels, statistics and so on. You manage your hand, we manage the rest! F

Poker Manager for iPad

Poker Manager for iPad makes it easy to manage tournaments with either single or multiple tables. It's main function is to alert your players of Blinds changes, but It actual does so much more.

Because you can use both Address Book and p

Dealer - Poker League Manager

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