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GPS Logger-san!
Windows Phone

(このアプリは、日本語対応です)This application is a GPS logger & Compass, Rolling, Pitching Meter

GPS & GPX Logger
Windows Phone

GPS logger with GPX export and Dropbox integration

Hours Logger
Windows Phone

Hours Logger – Timesheet application let you create projects, time entries, manage billing rates and estimate earnings

Baby Logger
Windows Phone

Baby Logger is a fun and fast way to track your baby's feedings, naps and diaper changes

Weight Logger
Windows Phone

This program stores your weight in a list and calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Hello Kitty
Windows Phone

*** Version 1.2 *** New game added. *** Version 1

Hello Kitty 日本の
Windows Phone

ハローキティは、キティと対応し、楽しく時間を過ごすための子供用の楽しいアプリケーションです!メモリのゲームであなたの記憶をテストしたり、楽しいパズルを遊ぶ!お使いの携帯電話にキティのさまざまな壁紙をダウンロードして、キティと彼女の家族について学ぶ! Author of application - mLab ECA

Talking Kitty
Windows Phone

You are entering the Kitty's Pub. Kitty is a jazzy cat, he spends his life listening music and people talking

Hello Kitty Player
Windows Phone

Fantastic music player with Hello Kitty design. The only one application that lets you play music in the "background"

talking kitty
Windows Phone

Change your voice into a cute little kitty. Talking kitty will automatically listen to your voice and talk back to you with realistic animations

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