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GPX Logger

Log your tracks into GPX standard file format, with easy to use, but powerful GPX Logger! Highlights: - works on background in iOS4 - multiple logging modes (continuous, time based, manual) - organization of your logged tracks into the trips - view logge


This long awaited app is finaly here!!! Log your workout sessions using this simple yet powerful iPad application. Create your own lifting programs and workouts. Allows for easy replications of workouts. No longer do you need to create a workout from scr

EMS Logger Plus

This application builds on the success of the free EMS Logger application and has been improved based on user feedback. The original version was requested by a Paramedic in order to quickly and easily log critical events without the need of pencil and pa

Run Logger

RunLogger It has the following features. A.Real time RUN View.  Time, distance, average speed, speed/altitude graph and highest speed/minimum and the highest altitude. B.Real time Map View.  A route, time, distance, average speed speed, and altit

EV Logger

EV Logger gives electric vehicle owners the ability to record energy use information to track range and energy efficiency in much the same way that a gas car owner might track gas mileage. The app is customizable so the owner can choose what information

Job Logger

Now price down!! $3.99->$0.99!! Campaign for Introduced on what's new in japanese app store. you can manage your time for any jobs. Let's record the log of work, and check competent according to schedule. For instance, when you estimated to the order fr


This is a general purpose logging program that lets you define your own events to log along with the time of the event. I have written other logging programs that were designed specifically for Police and EMS personnel. These have been very successful

Car Logger

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EMS Logger

This single-purpose application was written for EMTs and Paramedics. It allows you to record critical events and times with a single touch so you can concentrate on patient care rather than fumbling for a pencil and paper in the back of a moving ambulanc

Gas Logger

Gas Logger is an easy and intuitive tool for tracking gas mileage. This native iOS application has been equipped with intuitive user interface, analytical report and graphical charts that helps you in measuring how fuel economy your vehicle is as wel

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