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Tap a Kitty!
Windows 8

There are kittens running amok. It's up to you to tap them away using your tap-capable device

Hello Kitty!
Windows 8

Learn some interesting facts about the cute and famous Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty A
Windows 8

Thats app contains everything about hello kitty:-Games-Films-Clothes-Posters

Fly Kitty Fly
Windows 8

a simple game about hello kitty

Kitty Run
Windows 8

Kitty is trying to find his way home. Your job is to help him dodge cars and catch as many palettes as possible

Hello Kitty S
Windows 8

Hey, Hello kitty fans, all about kitty you find it here*News*Films*Games*hello kitty things(bedroom,clothes,accessories)

Kitty Tap
Windows 8

Pobaw się z sympatycznym kotkiem w chowanego i złap go za każdym razem kiedy wyjrzy z norki

Weather Kitty
Windows 8

Weather Kitty provides weather updates in a happy cute format: with images of cute kittes

Find My Kitty
Windows 8

Memory game for kids.

I Wanna Kitty
Windows 8

I Wanna Kitty uses Petfinder.com API to allow you to search for cats in your area for adoption

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