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Telecall - Free calls, Free international calls and Virtual Numbers

Telecall is an app that lets you make FREE phone calls to other iPhone users that have Telecall installed, and save money on your international calls!

FREE credits to call anywhere in the world.

Telecall it is not just another VoIP

Free+Cheap International Calls

Voxofon is a calling and messaging application for free VoIP and WiFi calling, cheap international calls and free texting to your friends, family or business relations.

Calls and texting between Voxofon users is completely free. Otherwise, enjoy cheap

VMobile Talk : Free Wi-Fi & 3G Calls

Unlimited and free Wi-Fi & 3G calls with VMobile Talk. Always & Worldwide

Now available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry!

Get your free registration now at http://talk.vmobile.eu/register

Make your phone Wi-Fi

Free Calling and Free Texting App, Cheap International Phone Calls and

Voxofon helps bring the world closer together.

Join millions of users who made Voxofon a Top 40 downloaded app in iTunes Social Networking!

Use Voxofon to talk, text, and share your life with your friends and family all over the wor

Global Talk-Free phone calls

As a leading telecommunications company in United States, Seawolf Technologies is dedicated to providing excellent global phone call service for all smart phone users with reasonable pricing plans.

With $0.5 balance as a free gift to start,

Free and Cheap International Calls by KeKu

Try KeKu for high-quality, super cheap international calls and texts. Calls to other KeKu users are free!

“Sound quality is great.” --Lifehacker.com

“Make international phone calls anywhere dirt cheap.” --Business Insider. 

Plingm – Free & Cheap International Calls

Enjoy low-cost calls worldwide! Rates up to 70% lower than Skype. Free calls and messaging to everyone also using Plingm.

* No 1 top free social app in 41 countries
* Invite friends and earn credits when they purchase.
* In-app

CallsApp - International Calls Free & Cheap

Cheap & Free International Calls is what CALLSAPP is about - Cheap International Calls by CallsApp lets you make super cheap international calls to any phone in the world and FREE calls to other CallsApp!


CFC - Free International Calls and SMS Texting via Internet

An Incredibly Convenient Tool for Free SMS and Calls!

CallsFreeCalls is a fantastic application allowing you to call any number independently of its location. It is a completely free VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) messenger and free

HiTalk - Free international and local calls

Make and send FREE local and international phone calls and multimedia messages via HiTalk. Enjoy live walkie-talkie, photo, location sharing, and a variety of fun stickers with friends.

HiTalk is equipped with unique technology that supports

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