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Grid Dice
Windows 8

Get ready to play one of your favorite dice games in a whole new way

Grid-In-Hand(tm) Mobile Grid Plus

Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid Plus – One button data collection.
Why make data collection harder than it needs to be?

Use Scanfob® 2002 and other Serialio.com wireless Bluetooth barcode and RFID scanners with Mobile Grid for fast data collec

Grid-In-Hand(tm) Mobile Grid

Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid Solution Framework.

Why make mobile solutions with RFID/NFC/Barcode data harder than it needs to be?

Use Scanfob® Brand RFID/NFC Reader/Writers and Barcode Scanners, or other Serialio.com wireless Bluetoot

Grid Cam - grid with spirit level

The tab with integrated spirit level in Grid Cam helps you to perfectly align the iPhone camera to the object you wish to photograph. Camera features: ✔ GRID WITH SPIRIT LEVEL: Helps you to perfectly align your iPhone ✔ CALIBRATING THE SPIRIT LEVEL:

Grid-In-Hand(tm) Mobile Grid

Mobile restocking is a snap. Use Bluetooth barcode & RFID scanners with ease.

Torus Dice - A game of solitaire with dice

In TORUS DICE you distribute random 6-sided dice into a 6x6 grid. Adjacent pair's and 7's score points. However there is twist. The top row is connected to the bottom row and the left-most column is adjacent to the right-most column making the play field

Double Dice - Dice with Style

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Dice & Dragons - RPG Dice Roller

A dice roller app for tabletop roleplaying games that keeps the fun of tossing physical dice without all that pesky math and adds a few tricks of its own.

Toss 3d physics based dice that leave trails of fire, steam, and more.


The Grid
Windows Phone

"The Grid" has double alternatives, many features and multiple levels

Word Grid
Windows Phone

Word Grid is a puzzle game where the goal is to find the most words as possible before time runs out

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