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Bills Splitter Plus
Windows 8

Analog Clock turns your Tablet/PC into a beautiful clock

Cost Splitter
Windows 8

Do you share expenses? Do you have the headache of keeping track of who owes who? Cost Splitter is your answer

Night Clock + Bill Splitter
Windows 8

Night Clock Plus turns your Tablet/PC into a beautiful nightstand clock

Windows Phone

Splitter has so many everyday uses such as properly calculating what each person owes after a meal with friends, writing a list of items you purchased shopping and emailing it to your computer, figuring out who owes what for a grocery bill, keeping track

Bill Splitter (En/Fr)
Windows Phone

This app is a ready-to-use and user-friendly bill splitter that you can use after a good lunch with your friends

Bill Splitter
Windows Phone

If you are running "Mango" (WP 7.5) try "DivisiBill" instead

PDF Page Splitter

PDF Page Splitter is a tool for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch that lets you split each page in a PDF document into multiple pages.

Use for restoring electronic print-outs of slides with multiple slides on each page back to its original layout

Trip Splitter

Breezily split expenses with travel companions. In seconds.

It takes mere seconds to create a new trip and add participants. When you split a bill, simply pop open the app, enter each participants costs, and the IOU’s are calculated and stor

The Fun Bill Splitter

Sometimes it’s not really fair to split the bill evenly, right? The Fun Bill Splitter makes it all easy, even if you’ve had a few drinks. And it even lets you get creative by allowing you to put each person in your party into one of three categories: Rich

Atom Splitter

Professor Quark has really gone and stuffed things up... An error in his experiment to create anti-matter has resulted in the very foundation of life - Atoms, to rapidly clump together into dangerous molecules. Luckily one of his previous inventions, a El

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