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Bills Splitter Plus
Windows 8

Analog Clock turns your Tablet/PC into a beautiful clock

Cost Splitter
Windows 8

Do you share expenses? Do you have the headache of keeping track of who owes who? Cost Splitter is your answer

Night Clock + Bill Splitter
Windows 8

Night Clock Plus turns your Tablet/PC into a beautiful nightstand clock

Windows Phone

Splitter has so many everyday uses such as properly calculating what each person owes after a meal with friends, writing a list of items you purchased shopping and emailing it to your computer, figuring out who owes what for a grocery bill, keeping track

Bill Splitter (En/Fr)
Windows Phone

This app is a ready-to-use and user-friendly bill splitter that you can use after a good lunch with your friends

Bill Splitter
Windows Phone

If you are running "Mango" (WP 7.5) try "DivisiBill" instead

Meal Splitter

**** PLEASE BE AWARE THAT VERSION 2 OF THIS APPLICATION IS AVALIABLE ON iTunes, PLEASE DOWNLOAD VERSION 2 AND ENJOY **** How many times have you been out for meal with some friends and it comes to paying the bill. However, after a couple of hours of soa

Meal Splitter v3

How many times have you been out for meal with friends and when it comes to splitting the bill panic breaks out! Because after a couple of hours of soaking in the atmosphere of the restaurant you may not be able to simply split the bill fairly. Use Meal S

Mr. Bill Splitter

An easy-to-use Dutch Treat calculator for Japanese Yen. Since it is in Wizard format (interactive), it can be used simply and immediately. Bills are calculated between Rich, Common, and Poor people at the ratio of 3:2:1, respectively. All calculations are

Splitter Pals

4.5/5 - "The app is stupendously inventive and always entertaining, but all while retaining the difficulty a puzzle app should. It’s solid gold, and it earns our recommendation." - TheiPhoneAppReview 4.5/5 - "Splitter Pals is challenging, addicting, and

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