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Count Down Timer 1

Count-down-timer is very useful and it's very easy to change the targeted date.

Free Interval Timer, Count Down Timer
Windows Phone

Count-down and Interval timer with multiple colored backgrounds (skins)

Count Timer

Simple application for all fans of boxing, gym and all those activities where i

Count down timer
Windows 8

Count down timer counts down from a time you set (maximum 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds) to zero

Windows 8

count down for 1 minute and 5 minutes with music..

Count Down Timer for Presentations

This timer help you in your presentation. You only need to set the time of the announcement, and preliminary 5 minutes before the alarm, sound the alarm end time. Let me know in the blink of the screen as well.

Time setting is just tap the n

Big Day Countdown & Event Count Down Timer

+++ "I have tried many countdown apps before but this app by far is the best!" +++
The best countdown app to remind you of life's awesome upcoming moments and events.
Big Day Countdown & Event Count Down Timer is an amazing s

Final Count.  Your Event Countdown Timer

The Ultimate Countdown App! Now in French! Remind yourself of your most important life events using Final Count. Share timers with your friends via email integration, and view them all in beautifully rendered themes!

What could be more excit

NineMonths - Pregnancy Contraction Timer & Kick Count

Are you pregnant? Ninemonths will track your fetal movements and contractions! It was designed under the supervision of a board certified OBGYN Dr. Herbert S. Coussons with your pregnancy in mind. Our goal was to build an extremely simple to use applica

Big Days of Our Lives Countdown Timer - Digital Event Count Down Clock
Windows 8

COUNTDOWN THE BIG DAYS IN YOUR LIFE IN DAYS-HOURS-MINUTES and SECONDSGood Feeling App: Begin each day with a good feeling >>> Open your Big Days Countdown, and look forward to the coming days of joy and happiness in your life!“Big Days of Our Lives Countd

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