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Earth Mapper
Windows 8

Earth Mapper application helps surveyors, landholders, real estate agencies and so forth, to map geographical features

Folder Mapper
Windows 8

The App Scan a selected folder and export in the same path all contained files and folders in a csv file

Concept Mapper
Windows Phone

Concept Mapper by SpiveyWorks is a graphical thought tool for organizing and representing concepts

Box Mapper: DGM Edition

Retrieve up to date card values, statistics on entire box value and value per pack opened.Save your box opening data and see how the values change over time, send saved boxes to your own personalized web page for later review or sharing.This app will also

Network Mapper

A very fast scanner for network admins that can scan your network in the office and export as CSV via GMail to give you a map of what devices are on your LANIncludes a portscanner for security audit scans and a MAC vendor database to identify NIC manufact

Weather Mapper Pro

Weather Mapper Pro allows you to easily and accurately manage your weather information in a real time map or list. Whether you are planning a trip, keeping track of your favorite places, or simply bored, this application will not disappoint! Weather Mappe

Box Mapper: DKA Edition

For use with booster boxes of Magic the Gathering Return to Ravnica only!This app will predict which Rare/Mythic cards are in your booster box and where they are located.Open more of the booster packs that contain only the cards you want.Please watch the

Box Mapper: GTC Edition

This app will attempt to predict which Rare/Mythic cards are in your booster box and where they are located!The app currently works with most Gatecrash booster boxes, but will have trouble with boxes that have too much pack shuffling. It will usually let

Osm Mapper Helper

Osm Mapper Helper is an helper for osm mapper. :-)

Piano Key Mapper

Put your texting skills to a musical use!

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