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Free Cell
Windows Phone

It is a card game played with a 52-card standard deck with Nepali look and feel

Cell Splitting
Windows Phone

new game limited time free!!! tap a cells,it will get nutrient

Cell Radio
Windows Phone

Your favorite radio station streams a feed on the web? Type in the link to the stream and hit Play! - No account setup, no sign-in, no usage fees

Cell Life
Windows Phone

Cell Life is a life simulator based on Conway's Game of Life

Cell CAT Scans by Asu
Windows Phone

Dr. Biology travels to the National Center for X-ray Tomography in Berkeley California to learn about a new microscope being built by cell biologist Carolyn Larabell and a team of scientists that provides a new way to look inside cells

AC Biology: Structure and Function of the Cell Membrane
Windows 8

Open up a whole new way of learning with AC apps! Get ready to experience engaging and interactive learning opportunities

The Cell Phone Junkie - Mobile News
Windows 8

This is the most convenient and reliable way to access The Cell Phone Junkie

Biology: Cell Boundaries and Cellular Transport
Windows 8

Become a 21st century learner with AC VBooks! Begin now and enter into a new world of learning

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Members now have a new way to find a doctor or hospital and access their ID cards.
FIND A DOCTOR, hospital, urgent care or other health care professional —and get driving directions right there.
MOBILE ID CARD gives you a version of your ID card, a

GPS Cell Phone Tracker
Windows Phone

Get the best Phone Tracker to locate any cell phone in the world, on any network, anywhere in the world! Your family and friends think only FBI can do it? Prove them wrong today! This app is a great joke, use it in front of your friends and family today

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