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Pump Action Film - Gun FX Movie Maker

Get the world's most advanced augmented-reality shotgun movie app! No other app gives you this much realism or control!

Designed for making movies or blasting away at the zombies on your TV! shoot and the blast stays where you aimed, it&

Action Movie Trivia

Action Movie Trivia will test you on recent action movies and stars.

Action Movie Kid Channel
Windows 8

In this app you can find the last videos of the Action Movie Kid Channel

Action Movie FX

Apple's App of the Year 2012

ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone AND iPad movies that YOU shoot!

All the action is better! Your previous FX have been updated to HD for free. Get them now - press RESTORE PURCHASES

CS Movie Maker

Do you want edit photo, audio ,show video and and movie to make fun things? you can try this. It use straight forward, no need more man page. You can use it to do this things:
(1) edit, crop ,effect, draw line, fill rectangle ,circle etc. on images.

Action Movie Quiz

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100 Action Movie Ringtones

Amazing ringtones from the best action movies of all time. This a one of a kind application that gives you all the best one liners from action movie history. From westerns to todays biggest hits. Hundreds of hardcore crazy ringtones to bring movie action

Action Movie Creator FX

Create fantastic action FX movie with "Action Movie Creator FX".
Choose from a variety of Hollywood effects.

Take it easy on a video, they add an added effect and share it with your friends

available effects:


Clips FX for Movie Maker
Windows 8

Get 62 wild motion-graphics HD video clips to add excitement to your video projects! Great for title backgrounds, or eye-candy fun! Export clips to Movie Maker, or other video editing apps

Silent Movie Maker

Silent Movie Maker converts standard MP4 movies into black and white, sepia-toned or color silent movies containing "artifacts" such as vertical scratches, pinholes and shutter flare. Increase or decrease brightness and contrast and soften output to simul

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