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DLOCK2 2.01

DLOCK2 is a simple command line file encryption/decryption utility program that uses the free Diamond 2 Encryption Algorithm. Full source code and documentation of the algorithm and the master's thesis it is based on are included. It compiles with Gnu C++

pylogo  0.4

Its implementation is small, and is based on the language as implemented by UCBLogo. The Logo language is a learning language, intended for children for which more "complete" languages aren't appropriate. Many of Logos language design choices are driven b

Delete 2.10

DELETE.EXE is a Win32 console application that deletes files. Win32 Console application means that it runs in a Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP command prompt. It is an improvment over the DEL or ERASE internal command that comes with the operating system. De

Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a project management component that enables

Directory Scanner 1.8

If you've ever wanted to make a formatted list of your files in a specific directory or cd-rom, Directory Scanner 1.8 is the answer. It allows you to make complete listings of files and subdirectory's and add file number, size, tabbing and sorting of your

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