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Magic Pictures HD - Living Pictures

Thanks to everybody who bought Magic Pictures HD and thanks for all the positive feedback! Currently, we are working hard to bring you V2 with added functionality including iPod support to play your own music during the experience! BUY NOW! The update is

Pictures Lab
Windows Phone

The ultimate picture effects app! MSNBC.com wrote: "a Swiss Army knife of photo tweaks"

Private Pictures
Windows Phone

There is no password protection in the Pictures Hub on your Windows Phone, so anyone, who is able to access to your phone, can easily view all your pictures including those private, secret, and embarrassing images

Mars Pictures
Windows Phone

Finally the Mars Pictures application for Windows Phone devices

Funny Pictures Pro
Windows Phone

Browse the funniest pictures from the depths of the Interwebs

Curiosity Pictures
Windows Phone

Finally the Curiosity Pictures application for Windows Phone devices

Third Day Pictures and Videos
Windows Phone

Get all the latest pictures, videos and up-to-date info on your favorite band - Third Day

News in Pictures
Windows Phone

Up to 8 Headline Photos as Live Tiles. Pick the news subjects that you are most interested in and have up to 8 live tiles update on your phones' home screen, all constantly updated as new news breaks

Background Pictures
Windows Phone

Browse through thousands of high quality photographs and pictures, optimzied for your Windows Phone

Talking Pictures
Windows Phone

Talking pictures turns your phone into an audio slideshow maker! It allows you to record audio in your pictures and turns them into slide show! It can output microsoft powerpoint files for your friends to view on desktop too

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