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Ghost Detector Tool - Free EVP, EMF, and Tracking Tool

The spookiest app on iTunes is back with a whole new layout and many more features!

This application has the ability to scan multiple frequencies for paranormal activity! We've incorporated EVP, EMF, and video scanning into one single ap

Hack Hub

Hack Hub est un jeu de "Bubble Shooter" inspiré de la série "Les Geeks". Incarne Fred à son poste de travail et deviens un vrai "Hacker"

Hack It!

Hack It! is the logical game, where your goal is to guess the password to complicated computer system. The task is not easy, but you will have some hints. After each try you will see lights of different colors that have the following meaning: - red: one

Hack Later

Hack Later is a light-weight Hacker News client for iOS, built for speed in reading hot news as it's developing in the technology scene, as well as effortlessly saving them to read later.

With a fast loading, up to date, Hacker News feed

Hack RUN

Play the full version of Hack RUN for FREE! We're celebrating the release of our fourth app 'Hack NET' and hope you enjoy them all!
Ever wanted to be


Hackman is a trivia puzzle game that tests your knowledge and awareness on startups, people in startups, and programming language. The game mechanism is similar to hangman.

GRE Hack

The very app that helps you crack the Graduate Record Exam(verbal) and gain access to your favorite graduate schools * 400 questions each with detailed solving strategies, written exclusively to teach you the key skills for untangling GRE conundrums. * 6

Hack Run ZERO HD

It's time for a SECOND Hack Run! Note: Hack Run ZERO HD is a prequel to the app 'Hack RUN'. You should try the free version 'Hack RUN free' before starting this game. >>> "...I promise you that today's free hacking game for the iPhone is worth the loo


You are a computer hacker. You steal precious data while the world sleeps. Siphons are your lockpicks. Progs are your guns.
Connect to the sectors.
Download the data.
Escape, or be deleted alive.

A cyberspace adventure from the c

Hack Run ZERO

Not watching the Big Game? Play the FULL version of Hack Run ZERO for FREE!

It's time for a SECOND Hack Run!

Note: Hack Run ZERO is a prequel

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