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Help Mr.Stick get past the barrage of tanks on 6 different difficulties by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch. Grab a coin and you get 100-500 bonus points, but collide with a tank and you loose a life. For each tank that you don't collide with you will recei

Hockey Shot Counter

Hockey Shot Counter is used by coaches and fans all around the world. With room to store up to 100 games for 2 different goalies (200 total games), Hockey Shot Counter is the perfect fit for the regular or hardcore hockey fan or the coach that is loo

Hockey Player Shot Counter

Want to keep stats for you favorite hockey player or even your friend? With this app you can! Keep track of hits, shots, goals, assists, time played, and plus/minus (+/-). If you make a mistake don't worry it can be easily corrected by setting a

Presidential Quotes

FREE for a limited time! All of your favorite Presidential Quotes in one app. Everything from Obama to Washington. Now with bonus quotes from vice presidents.

Pitch Speed

The easiest way to see how fast a pitcher is throwing! Simply tap the button when the ball is thrown and tap again when it is caught to receive one of the most accurate pitch speeds available without a radar gun. Pitch Speed Pro automatically saves t

Pitch Counter Pro

Keeping track of all your pitchers' stats such as strikes, balls, total pitches, base hits, and hits for outs is easier than ever. With room to store stats for 50 games, Pitch Counter Pro will be useful all season long. Pitch Counter Pro handles

Pitch Counter Lite

#1 in Sports "What's Hot"
Top 5 Sports App in over 10 countries

Keeping track of pitches has never been so easy. Separate ball and strike counts as well as a total number of pitches allows you to keep track of the pitcher'

Catch The Coconut

Rotate your iDevice to help the monkey catch the coconuts. Carry the coconuts to the basket to add to your score, but be careful, if you get hit in the head by a coconut or if you hit a stick the monkey may drop coconuts. Complete with 11 achievements and

Pitch Speed Lite

Ever wanted to know how fast a baseball player is throwing and didn't have a radar gun on hand? Then this app is for you! It is now super simple to see how fast a pitcher is throwing. Just tap the button when the ball is thrown and then once more