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SunsClock is a clock based on sunrise and sunset times. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated by latitude, longitude and calendar(sea level is 0 m). Latitude and longitude are got from current GPS Location. If GPS is not allowed to use, sunrise and suns


Tones consists of 12 tone circles. They are categorized by 7 steps of brightness. And the diameter of each circle is proportional to saturation. *The accuracy of each color is affected by the nature of a display and the settings of brightness and contras

MerryGate For 2Player

"MerryGate" is a Concentration game played between two players. It uses original image cards of fancy creatures with a deck of 60 cards, which are laid in 8 rows of 8 cards each(except of 4th and 5th rows of 6 cards). In turn each player taps on two im

MerryGo For 2Player

"MerryGo" is a fantasy shooting game played between two players. Each player taps on the image of ground with grass and trees to launch fire balls toward creatures of fancy go round circle. How to play: Position: Each player choose between the up or do

Essays in Idle Vol. 1

"Essays in Idle Vol. 1" is a e-book based on "Essays in Idleness", a collection of essays written by Kenko(1283-1350). This app categorizes the essays and mainly extracts two categories. "Taste" is about Kenko's impression of the world around him. "A

JulianDay For iPad

"JulianDay" shows the number of days since January 1 in the current year with number between 1 and 365(366: Leap-Year).
Example1: January 1th is 001.
Example2: August 28th is 240. In leap years August 27th is 240.

This appli

Essays in Idle Vol.1

"Essays in Idle Vol.1" is a e-book based on "Essays in Idleness", a collection