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My Fairy Princess

******* ON SALE! 50% Off! *******Finally, a 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her! The popular dress-up game for little kids and toddlers has come to Droid!Tap different items on your Fairy Princes


The most popular and most realistic balloon app has come to Droid! Inflate and pop vibrantly colored balloons in this simple, yet highly entertaining app. The realistic, balloon-like motions and sounds are fun for all ages.The simplicity, consistency, pre

Dino Digger

**** #1 Best Selling Kids' App in the Amazon App Store! ****

New in this update: 5 more dinosaurs! Thanks for the support, all you Dino Diggers! Your positive feedback keeps more dinosaurs and more content coming!

Dig up dinosaur bones, build them i