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Bible Verse of the Day!
Windows 8

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved

Astronomy Photo of the Day
Windows 8

The study of the stars, galaxies and the universe has pervaded scientific thought in societies from ancient Egypt to Babylon, stagnating in the Middle Ages and surging forward through the Renaissance

Photo of the Day!
Windows 8

A new photo of the day, every day! With a new picture every day, this app lets you explore the world through pictures one day at a time

Cute Cat of the Day
Windows 8

Cute Cat of the Day is exactly what it sounds like

Cute Puppy of the Day!
Windows 8

Imagine this. You come home from work, open the door, and your brand new puppy comes bounding up to you, big puppy paws sliding all over the floor and little puppy tail wagging frantically

Bird Photo of the Day
Windows 8

Whether perched in the treetops, wheeling overhead, or filling the air around us with sweet melodies, birds are one of nature’s most miraculous gifts

Beautiful Butterfly of the Day
Windows 8

They flutter by on summer days, brightly colored wings and winding flight patterns serving to lift spirits and lending a carefree attitude

A Poem of the Day
Windows Phone

What have you read today? Take a moment and think about it