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Streetball Class in Session! The Professor Teaches You His World Famou

Streetball Class In Session!

The Professor Teaches You His World Famous Moves!

***Considered The Sickest Ball Handler In The World.
***Considered The Premier Streetball Personality In The World.

"The Eminem of Bask

Unstoppable Offensive Moves 1 -  Wing/Perimeter Skills - with Ganon Ba

"Five Stars!!"
This innovative app is simply the finest individual skills product available on the market. A new standard in basketball instruction!

A must-have app for every player and coach who is serious about scoring.

Assembly Line Skill Builders: Team Practice Drills - with Coach Jamie

Assembly Line Skill Builders - Team Practice Drills

Challenge your players with new drills this season... and see rapid improvement by using these unique and creative Assembly Line Skill Builders.
Coach Jamie Angeli has collected 9 of th

European Set Plays: International Offense Playbook - with Coach Lason

European Set Plays

Continuing his in-depth analysis and sharing of the best of international basketball’s offensive game, Lason Perkins combines diagrams and player demonstrations in this great new APP that is packed with over 50 actions.

Great Scoring Plays From Around The World: International Offense Playb

Great Scoring Plays From Around The World

Tired of the same old sets and actions? How about learning the best plays from the finest coaches and teams in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Argentina, Spain and more? Coach Perkins continues his unparalle

High-Low Triangle Offense: Scoring Playbook - with Coach Lason Perkins

High-Low Triangle Offense

The High-Low Triangle incorporates concepts from the famous Tex Winter Triple-Post offense, commonly known as the Triangle offense; the Flex offense; and the Shuffle-Cut offense. It provides constant movement, scree

The Fusion Offense: Triangle, 1-4, & Princeton Playbook - with Coach J

The FUSION Offense

Jamie Angeli's Fusion Offense combines the 1-4 high, sideline triangle and Princeton styles into one cohesive offensive system.
Coach Angeli uses whiteboard diagrams and player demonstrations for the post, wing and

Princeton Continuity Offense: Playbook - with Coach Jamie Angeli - Ful

Princeton Continuity Offense

Jamie Angeli teaches the Princeton Offense in his easy-to-understand style that will allow your team to run the offense effectively.
Coach Angeli begins with transition into the offense with a sideline break.

Great Pick & Roll Plays: Offense Playbook - with Coach Lason Perkins -

In this comprehensive APP, Lason Perkins shares his collection of the greatest pick and roll plays from around the world. Taken from FIBA, Euro league, NBA, college and high school games, these are set plays that create mismatches, 3-point shots, int

Flexible Dribble Drive Offense: Motion, Flex & DDM - with Coach Jamie

Flexible Dribble Drive Offense
If you're looking for a great continuity offense that combines the aggressive actions of the Dribble Drive Motion but also has great structure like Flex, than this unique offense is for you!
This is a hard

Stopping The Unstoppable: Junk Defenses That Work - with Coach Jamie A

Stopping The Unstoppable - Junk Defenses That Work

Jamie Angeli is back with another important DVD for your coaching library - Stopping The Unstoppable- Junk Defenses That Work.
Packed with ideas on using the Diamond & 1, Triangle

The A Set Offense: Scoring Playbook - with Coach Lason Perkins - Full

The A-Set is the most popular offensive scheme used in
International basketball.

From Croatia to Greece, from Argentina to Spain, and all points
in between, this potent offensive attack takes full advantage of on-
ball screen

Zone Defense Killers: Scoring Playbook - with Coach Lason Perkins - Fu

Finally! A definitive collection of zone-defense specific offensive knowledge from Coach Perkins! This an unparalleled collection of deadly zone-destroying plays and actions! With Zone Killers in your library, you'll want teams to play a zone def

Intense Full Court Drills - With Coach Coach Tom Moore - Full Court Ba

Full Court Drills - With Coach Tom Moore - Full Court Basketball Training Instruction

Current Quinnipiac Head Coach Tom Moore, a long time UConn Assistant coach, offers up a variety of drills in the full court that will transform your playe

Crunch Time Playbook: In-Bounds Plays To Score With Limited Time - Wit

Every coach needs to know how to great shots and open looks with limited time on the clock, and this App is an encyclopedia of those actions that can make or break a season or a game.
Greg Clink of Chico State University offers great ways to get

Mandatory Drills: 30 Drills For Maximum Improvement - With Coach Ed Sc

There’s a reason that coaches like Larry Brown, John Calipari, Vance Walberg and others rave about current UCLA Bruins Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Ed Schilling, send their players to his Champions Academy in Indiana, and rave about his Manda