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Brain Teaser of the Day - 365 Logic Puzzles from BrainBashers

"It has finally arrived, the first brain teaser application for the iPhone! Here are 365 brain teasers to give your mind a daily workout!!! Our brain teasers are guaranteed to get your gears turning while providing hours of entertainment. By complet

Bobble Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln was born two hundred years ago. Happy birthday, Abe! The 21st-Century Abe Bobble head is a fun way to interact and remind us all how important Lincoln still is to our culture today. Shake this app around to watch his head bobble or drag your f

CameraLight - See in the dark

NOW FREE! - because like 500 other people made this app! CameraLight turns your new iPhone 4 into the brightest flashlight yet using the new LED flash! Simply open the app, and the LED turns on. You can switch it on or off, or even take low light pict

Workout of the Day - Daily Fitness Exercise by i365

There are no more excuses! Here are 365 workouts to pump YOU up with no gym or weight training equipment at all! Our exercise routines are designed to work anytime, anywhere. All you need to start this program is your body, a piece of ground, and about

3D Compass Toy

This fun little toy lets you find your way on the new phone in a colorful and playful way. Spin the phone in any direction and orientation and the compass automatically stays level hello Hey \

3D Compass for sailing or anything

The 3D compass (or half-sphere compass/nautical compass) is just like what you find on a beautiful yacht or airplane.

Its amazing 3d graphics take full advantage of the new compass feature in the 3gs! Unlike other compasses you can view it

iTimeLapse Pro - Time Lapse videos

iTimeLapse - Create stunning time lapse and stop motion videos straight from any iphone, iPod, or iPad 2! Finally, you can make and share Time Lapse videos like the pro's without having to sync to your computer. It's so easy, anyone can do it... be an a

iSigns HD - 150+ Cool Signs

This Application lets you show off your new iPad's large screen with over 150 great signs. There's a sign for that! There's a sign for any occasion with iSigns HD! For fun or business, iSigns HD is the answer. Implemented with a slick CoverFlow interfa

iMusicVideo - video soundtrack maker

this fun app lets you add a soundtrack to any video and share it on facebook, twitter, email, mms, flickr and many more.

from the makers of previous #1 apps such as iVideoCamera and iTimeLapse you now can choose any video on your iPhone and

iBanner HD for iPad - LED Scrolling Marquee

iBanner HD is the best way to get your message across with your iPad.

Stunning graphics replicate the feeling of an LED scrolling display.

Write any message you want and display it to the world!

Choose from 3 different fon

Loser Prank - read brain waves

LoserPrank is a fun little app to get your friend to show the loser "L" hand on their forehead. Works in two simple modes to get straight to the "L" Hand or you can prank your friend telling them this app can read "theta brain waves" and can guess what co

iVideoCamera - record video with effects on any phone (2G, 3G, 3GS)

Record Video with any iPhone (EDGE, 1G, 2G, 3G, 3GS) -- share them on Facebook, Youtube, and more! Plus we give you 20 live effects to record videos with!! Now share your videos on your favorite social networks!: • Facebook • SMS Link Sharing (experim

Photo Philter Phun - Free Photo Filters

Photo Philter Phun (from philly) is simple little photo app to let you apply over 20 filters to any image in your photo library or you take with your camera. You can share via twitter and facebook. Included Filters: Auto Contrast Wave Add noise effect Sw

Remote Sound Box Pro - Fart , Pets , Fx

Checkout our latest app iVideoCamera - it lets any iPhone record videos with effects for 99¢!!! Search for "iVideoCamera" now! ** Remote Sound Pro is the Ultimate Sound Machine for your iPhone or iPod Touch! ** Follow us on twitter @RemoteSoundBox or @L

Remote Sound Box - Farts, Pets, FX

Checkout our latest app iVideoCamera - it lets any iPhone record videos with effects for 99¢!!! Search for "iVideoCamera" now! Remote Sound Box is the Ultimate Sound Machine for your iPhone! * iTouch external mic now supported. * Various crash fixes *

iVideoCamera Free

• The BEST FREE video recorder, NO ads! • Now Any iPhone 1G, 2G, 3G or EDGE Can Record Video • Add amazing Effects to your videos! Share your video on your favorite social network! • Facebook sharing! • E-Mail • YouTube • Twitter with TwitVid • SMS