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Attract Anything You Want In Your Life

"Here's the Deal Guys; If You're Not Rich Yet, You're Just NOT Paying Attention!" I'm Not Bragging - I Could Practically Teach A Three-Year-Old This Idiot-Proof Method to Attract Wealth & Success...It's That Simple and Powerful!

A Beginner's Yoga Guide!

A Complete Beginner's Guide To Yoga

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Sound Effects(Free Today!) ◕‿◕ - Sound Buttons Catalog

Sound Effects (Free Today!) --Sound Buttons

Animal SoundBox Lite

All-in-1 Animal Sound Box is now available on AppStore! This is the Lite version. ★☆Free for Holiday(Limited Time)!★☆ ★☆Get it now while it keeps free!!★☆ This app plays 15 variations of the real animal sound effects, such as sounds of: -Cat -Cicada -C

All in 1 SoundBox

★☆FREE for Xmas!(Limited Time!!!) ★☆ ★☆★Get it now while it stays FREE! ★☆★ I present to you this Amazing Sound Box ! It plays 15 variations of sound effects, such as sounds of: -Cash Register -Cell Ringtone -CowMoo -Deep Breath -Fire Truck Siren -M

49 Amazing Muscle-building FAQs

Some Contents in this App: ..... ......... How many reps do I need? How many sets for muscle growth? How many days a week should I workout? What exercises should I be doing for muscle mass? How much rest between sets? Should I warm up? Should I stretch be

101 Fitness Tips!

101 Ways to Get in Better Shape and Stay That Way! More than any other time in history, people are all vying to have the best, healthiest body possible. The health and fitness industries are making billions of dollars every year on herbal supplements, fi

Adware and Spyware - How to Protect Yourself From Them!

How To Protect Yourself From Adware And Spyware

Chapter 1:Spyware Can Destroy
Chapter 2: How Does Spyware Spread?
Chapter 3: How To Remove Spyware
Chapter 5: The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs

Achieve A Better Credit Score!

Attention: If You Are Interested In Getting Your Credits Above A Good 750, You Won't Want To Miss This Page!

Worried About Your Bad Credit? Fret Not! Discover Insider Secrets To Quickly Get Out Of Debt, Erase Your Bad Credit Record And L

A Great Weight Loss Secret!

Winning the Weight-Loss Battle Using this App. Including: Weight Loss Basics Weight Loss and Metabolism Low Fat Weight Loss Diets South Beach Diet an Overview The Gi Weight Loss Diet The High Fiber Diet The Traffic Light Weight Loss Diet Weight L

Cartoon Zombie Jump

Make the Cartoon zombie jump as High as you can!!! Very simply yet very addicting, tile your iPhone/iPod Touch to guide the doodle zombie jump and see how high you can get! Features: - Suitable for both young and old - Beautiful hand drawn graphics,smoo

Easy Sitting Exercises for Weight Loss and Health!

Easy Sitting Exercises for Health and Weight Loss Some Contents in this App: ..... ......... Why is Exercise Important? What are the Benefits of Exercise? Exercise and Your Health, How Much Does it really Help? How Can I Lose Weight With Exercising? A He

A Guide to Getting Your Love Back

Love's Break up
Explosive Tips For Getting Your Love Back.

Some Contents in this App:

Section #1 - Just Answer Me This... What Do You Want?

The Male Hunter – What Men Desires

The Emo

A Guide to Dating Hottest Women Online & Offline

Attention: Don't Blame Us If The Potential Models In Town Are Ready To Do Anything For A Date With You!

Looking For The Best Girls To Date? Got T... Read Morehe Attitude And The Looks, But Not Striking The Right Chord To Get Them? D

43 Nutrition Secrets!

**Price drop for Xmas!** 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed Some Contents in this App: ..... ......... The Basics Of Nutrition What is nutrition? Good nutrition based on certain foods? Nutrients and food stuffs Breaking Years Of Bad Habits Changing Bad Eatin

Achieve Stronger Orgasms

Learn How To Increase Your Sperm Volume And Achieve Stronger Orgasms, Better Fertility and Longer-Lasting Erections. Some Contents in this App: ..... ......... LEGENDS BEHIND SEMEN WHAT IS SEMEN MADE OF? THE SPERM CELL: AN OVERVIEW YOUR SEMEN AND YO