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Windows 8

*** FREE ***Enhance your memories by making your photos pop

Password Locker
Windows 8

*** Free unexpiring limited trial ***

A must have simple utility that saves you time every day!

* NEW FEATURE: Reorder your items and keep them neatly organized
* NEW FEATURE: Export your wallet for safe keeping

Photo Feed
Windows 8

*** FREE **** Now with larger photo preview *Explore photos that pop up in your Facebook News feed in this beautiful and intuitive interface

Window Shopper
Windows 8

** BEST DEALS APP ON THE STORE **Get all your daily shopping deals in this beautiful and easy to use app

Photo Uploader for Facebook
Windows 8

** Upload 100s of photos in one shot **Upload your photos straight from your Window 8 PC to Facebook using this gorgeous app

Feedlets for Facebook
Windows 8

Experience your Facebook Feed using this entirely new and refreshing interface

Math Wizard
Windows 8

** Updated with two new modules! **Get your kids comfortable with everyday Math by practicing on these hand-created exercises