All Henning Mosand Stephansen Apps

Gaming Rig Of The Month
Windows 8 publishes monthly a set of components that makes up the best gaming rig for a low price

Escape From Tux
Windows 8

Help Windows 8 escape from the evil Tux! Simple navigation around the playing field

Windows 8

Simple application for tracking time usage. Often used in conjunction with time logging applications
Windows 8 is a technology blog that provides useful hints, applications and development remarks

Calculate Grade Average
Windows 8

Calculate Grade Average easily lets you add all your grades together and hand you a result of what your average is

Lorem Ipsum Generator
Windows 8

Lorem Ipsum Generator is a real simple application for generating some dummy text to use in print, webpages etc

Windows 8

RestConsole allows you, the user to send HTTP requests to a given webservice and see the output