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Animal Hunting

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Jellyfish Jump

Multiplayer will be fixed soon (having issues with the IOS version of the game)

Update to fix difficulty and reduce lag is in review

Renamed, also known as Flappy Jellyfish

Tap to float up!

Dodge pipes!


10 Balls

© © 2014 Fire Rainbow Studio

Operation Doomsday

Soaring through the chaotic sky during World War II, the paratrooper, under your control, must attempt to reach the battleground down below! 8 unique and powerful weapons are at your disposal including a mini gun, laser gun, rocket launcher, and much more

Shark Rush

¥-FOR A LIMITED TIME 0.99 CENTS!-¥ ¥-Devour your way through tons of fish and scuba divers as you rush through the sea seeking out prey! Dodge jelly fish and other dangerous animals as you attempt to satisfy your growling stomach!-¥ ¥-Addictive gameplay!-

Clear Shot

§§-For a limited time 0.99 Cents!-§§ §-Snipe thousands of oncoming soldiers, as they march through the rough terrain attempting to kill you! Switch your scopes as you adjust your vision to further distances! The more you snipe, the more wanted you become,

Angry Horses

¥¥--FOR A LIMITED TIME 0.99 CENTS!--¥¥ ¥-Sling shot your horses at the invading soldiers who have come to saddle up your horses and take them off to war, well go ahead and start the war, the war between horses and men! The horses have grown tired of being