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bOOg magazine #1: p"ART"y Is Not Over.

pin up/ Amplifier My Fire ....................p.2-8
tale / An OLd Servant ........................p.10-11
interior / bOOg's Display Art ...............p.12-22
philosophy / Fred's Classroom .............p.23

A: Bill Evans / B: Miles Davis (Olds007)

A: Bill Evans / B: Miles Davis (Olds007) music 2011 Hiroshi Okamura c 2011 Delaware 2.0 $3.99/€2.99/£2.39/3.99CAD/4.99AUD ***************************** "Gershwin: My Man's Gone Now - A: Bill Evans Trio / B: Miles Davis" Presented by Old RECORDS. * A:

A/B EP. - The Analog Girl (+oonAr004)

"Music For Your Next Picnic Party!" Presented by +oonAr Label in RECORDS. ******* A: DO YOU WANNA GET (02:42) B: MERRY-GO-ROUND (03:02) ALL SONGS BY THE ANALOG GIRL PICTURES BY JULIUS + MEI COPYRIGHT THE ANALOG GIRL 2010 Sample the tracks at www.analo

BOW TIE & BUTTERFLY - Bix Beiderbecke (Olds005)

A-side: "DAVENPORT BLUES" (03'00) composition : Bix Beiderbecke Miff Mole And His Little Molers recording year: 1927 B-side: "CANDLELIGHTS" (03'10) composition : Bix Beiderbecke Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra recording year: 1938 Olds Label in RECORDS

The BEATHOVENS DEBUT! - The Beathovens (Re<ords007)

"Johan, Paulo, Georgia, Riyadh, .... The Beathovens!" Presented by RECORDS. ******* We proudly introduce a new artist: THE BEATHOVENS, produced by Delaware. A: YESTERDAY ALREADY KNOWS (02'04) B: FINGERS WERE MADE BEFORE FORKS (02'17) Johan (vocal, lyri


"Gould Exciting Debut Reording 1955!!" Presented by Old RECORDS. * A-side: 1. Aria 2. Variation 1~15 (16:21) B-side: 1. Variation 16~30 2. Aria da capo (22:03) composition : Johann Sebastian Bach composing year : 1742 piano: Glenn Gould Recording year

CHEMO PROTEX - Kapaikos (+oonAr006)

"Mandoline Massacre from Berlin (West-Germany)". A: Chemo Protex B: Flacon Instrumental Mandoline Breakbeat-Polka-Punk-Trash-Speedmetal Blast from Germany. 8-piece band with a lot of crust under the fingernails. Recorded at Le Chatelet (Hamburg Altona)

Daisy, Daisy (Olds010)

"The first computer to sing!" Presented by Old RECORDS. A. Daisy Bell/A Bicycle Built for Two (01:35) composer: Harry Dacre vocal: IBM 7090/94 Computer vocal-program: John Larry Kelly and Carol Lockbaum accompaniment-program: Max Mathews recording: 1961

The END - Hajime Tachibana (Re<ords009)

"Japanese Art Dish on the turntable." Presented by RECORDS. ******* A: 1. City Light Winter 2 (03'22) 2. Skulls (02'58) 3. Strawberry Mix (01'40) B: 1. The End (05'34) 2. Olive (01'18) music : TACHIBANA Hajime produced_TACHIBANA Hajime cover art_TADAN

FOLK DEVILS & MORAL PANICS - Delaware (Re<ords014)

"A:Dangerous! B:Reckless!! C:Beautiful!!!" Presented by RECORDS. ******* A: SPIDERS (02'54) - Too fast to live and the beautiful folk song on Autobahn! B: JAPUNK (02'13) - Hod Rodding Crazy Orchestra in Japan! C: FASCINATING PROBLEMS (02'57) - The world

FACE UP TO THE FUTURE - Age Of Jets (+oonAr003)

"Electro, pop misfits from UK, Japan." Presented by +oonAr Label in RECORDS. ******* Side A "Face up to the Future"
Side B "Synthesise Everything"
All music by haraguchi / Richardson
Age Of Jets have appeared on the world radar in a number of the gui

GREAT OPERA TENOR! - Enrico Caruso (Olds004)

"A New Way of Enjoying Old Music." Presented by Olds Label in RECORDS. ******* A-side: "RIGOLETTO - BELLA FIGLIA DELL' AMORE" (03'40) composition: Giuseppe Verdi. singer: Enrico Caruso, Louise Homer, Bessie Abott, Antonio Scotti. date: 1909 B: "TOSCA -

GO ON feat.1773 - Volta Masters (+oonAr001)

"JAPANESE HIP HOP FOR LOVERS." Presented by +oonAr Label in RECORDS. ******* At the last time album, the strongest collaboration of Volta Masters and 1773 that attracted attention most came back again! App Remix collection that can be listened only by

GEORGE GERSHWIN - G. Gershwin / P. Whiteman (Olds003)

"Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise... " ~ George Gershwin Presented by Olds Label in Records. ******* A-side: "DO IT AGAIN! (from The FRENCH DOLL)" (03:00) composition: George Gershwin Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra 1922 B-side: "

HELIUM STAR - Micke Lindebergh (+oonAr005)

A: helium star, 4:14, micke lindebergh B: here with me, 3.12, micke lindebergh written, performed and recorded by micke lindebergh east london, banananokawa international 2010 artwork by obba and KRI$

I WANNA BE YOUR STAR - Delaware (Re<ords002)

"Good thing, when cute, twice as good." Presented by RECORDS. ******* A side: I WANNA BE YOUR STAR (02'16) studio & home recording. 2001/2008. Pop and minimal. Good thing, when light, twice as good. B side: THREE FREEWARES (01'52) 1st Freeware. studio &