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Baker's Toolbox

We have all heard the phrase "The right tools for the job".  What some of us didn't know is that this applies to baking a well.  The goal of Baker's Toolbox is to provide this set of tools to you. Simply put, baking is a science and measurements and time

MyDistance Golf GPS

You’ve tried every golf GPS app. And yes, we know, they are all the same. They either don’t work or they are overpriced, and they are all too complicated to use on the course. Finally there is a NEW way of thinking about GPS golf. Its MyDistance Go

Humidity Dial

How Humid is it outside today? Is it going to be a bad hair day? Humidity Dial displays the current outside humidity based on your current location. You can also view U.S. map images of relative humidity (Current and Predictive).


Wind Geo

"Wind Geo enables you to easily find accurate, real time temperature and wind data for any location in the world." (

"Get the Wind Geo iPhone App" (

Just open the app and Wind Geo will star

Golf Wind

Just point your phone in the direction of the flag and hit calculate. Using your GPS location, Golf Wind uses a custom algorithm to provide accurate current wind direction and speed. Using this data, Golf Wind calculates the effects of wind and sho

Heat Warning

Is it going to be a dangerous to your health to go outside today? Heat Warning flashes the current outside heat index based on your current locations temperature and humidity levels. You can also view U.S. map images of apparent temperature (Current

Thermometer HD

Old fashioned style meets modern technology with this beautifully designed sun and moon faced temperature dial. Thermometer HD displays the current outside temperature based on your location.

The temperature will auto-refresh every 15 minu

Temperature Style

Temperature Style displays the current outside temperature based on your location. And, it does it with style by allowing you to choose the look that you like best.

Why choose Temperature Style? In real estate it is location, location, loca

Video Forecast

Video Forecast is the first weather application that allows for a personal customized U.S. weather forecast. We do this by allowing you to link the weather conditions to your own videos on your device! Gone are the days of cartoon icons of clouds and perf

Wind Vane Pro

All the great things you have loved about Wind Vane is now available with additional professional features.

The professional version includes:

* Contiguous U.S. winds aloft and surface wind maps for the following time frames: Curren

Wind Vane

Using your GPS location, Wind Vane uses a custom algorithm to provide accurate, current wind direction and speed. Wind Vane can display the wind speed in miles per hour, knots, or kilometers per hour. This application also has a built in compass so