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The file format and rendering are as close to Xfig as possible, but the program takes advantage of Windows features like clipboard, printer preview, multiple documents etc

iTrumpf USA

iTrumpf USA is two-in-one Top Trumps(R) card game App in which you play against your iPhone/iPod touch. It contains two different educational card themes: - US Presidents (44 cards) - US States (50 cards) All card pictures can be displayed fullscreen

iTrumpf Germany

iTrumpf Germany is a three-in-one Top Trumps(R) card game in which you play against your iPhone/iPod touch. It contains the following three educational card themes about Germany: - Federal States of Germany (16 cards) - The biggest german cities (32 ca


iShower Timer is a visual timer app that can help you to avoid too long showers and unnecessary waste of water and money. Simply configure the maximum time you want to spend under the shower, the water flow per minute of your shower head and an optional

iTimes TimeTracker

iTimes TimeTracker is a very easy to use time tracking tool for Apple's iPhone/iPod touch products. It is meant for all of us who need to report times spent on projects and project sub tasks.

Usage: Simply add items to iTimes TimeTracker


This little application displays a pair of eyes that follow your finger moves on the iPhone screen. It's a clone of the well-known and famous programm "xeyes" for the UNIX X-Window system.

Whip It

Crack the whip with this virtual whip for your iPhone. Swing your iPhone backward and forward to hear a woosh and then the crack of the whip. Whip It works best with a realistic arm movement and works for right- and left-handed persons. It's a great to

All in One Kodierungsbrowser

Diese App vereinfacht die Arbeit bei der Diagnosen- und Prozedurenverschlüsselun