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Jun 13, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Rating: 4

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YourTracks – With Support for GpsGate Server


YourTracks – With Support for Description

YourTracks is an iPhone client compatible with GpsGate Server and GpsGate BuddyTracker. Ideal for personnel and vehicle tracking.

This application requires an account with either GpsGate Server or BuddyTracker from Franson Technology. BuddyTracker is a free device positioning application allowing you to share your location with friends and colleagues on the web. GpsGate Server is a professional tracking platform for tracking vehicles, people or assets. Franson offer a one month free trial to GpsGate Server. Please ensure you have an account with either before purchasing.


✔ Set it and forget it: Start the app running, configure it once and forget about it, the application runs in the background.

✔ Takes full advantage of multitasking on supported devices (iPhone 3GS and above)

✔ Automatic relaunch: Every time your device is powered on or restarted, the application will be launched in the background and resume updating your device’s location.

✔ CONTINUOUS MODE: The application will send your location to GpsGate Server/BuddyTracker at user-defined intervals. GPS remains powered on continuously. This is ideal if the device is often on charge in a vehicle.

✔ SIGNIFICANT LOCATION CHANGES MODE (On supported devices only, see below): The application will wake up if you move a significant distance (based on cell-tower signals), power on GPS just long enough to send your position before powering off GPS and going back to sleep. Battery usage is minimal.

✔ ONLINE APP CONFIGURATION: By visiting you can create a configuration link and email it to a device. You can configure the server address, login details and position update settings. This tool allows you to set up multiple devices quickly and easily.

✔ SOS Button (GpsGate VehicleTracker only. Requires set up of Device Mapper, see below): Send an SOS message containing your current position to GpsGate which can be set to trigger an email alert. Additionally, your location can be sent via text message at the same time to a nominated contact.

✔ Sends your latitude, longitude, speed and heading to GpsGate

✔ Also sends battery level, power state and the carrier name to GpsGate VehicleTracker if Device Mapper is set up as below.


To set up a Device Mapper with GpsGate Server, please see our instructions at

Please note, we cannot respond to reviews. Please contact us on with any questions.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

(GpsGate is a trade name of Franson Technology AB)

YourTracks is an independently developed client compatible with GpsGate Server using the GpsGate Server Protocol published by Franson Technology AB

ECOTEC Ltd are a software and consultancy company specialising in Mobile Technologies and Location Based services.

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