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May 15, 2014
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WWW 24x7


WWW 24x7 Description

Are you responsible for monitoring whether some websites are UP all the time ? Do you also want to ensure that the database server which is supplying content to webpage is also UP ?

The app let you enter a list of website links that need to be keep track of status of whether up or down, and optionally receive notification if some of websites probably down.

The app attempt to test website and its linked database server status by using matching webpage content approach. For each website that you need to keep track of status, you would optionally supplied some text that are extracted from database and shown on the webpage. For example : link is, where id=26 a product whose content is extracted from database and is a iPad product containing text [ mini iPad ], then we would conclude that the database is also probably UP if the content from webpage matching the text of [ mini iPad ].

If there is no text supplied to match webpage content, then the app would conclude website is UP if there is any content returned back from the website link.

GREEN : website status looking good
RED : website status NOT looking good
YELLOW : supplied text of the link NOT matching returned webpage content (i.e, database possibly down but web server still UP)

Depending on your needs, you would configure how often (per number of seconds) the app should contact the websites for feedback.

You would also configure whether you would like to receive notification for any RED or YELLOW status occurred when the app is running on background.

We advise the app is used if your wireless internet connection is based on Fixed Rate or Free of charge.

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