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Jun 12, 2014
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WSDOT/Washington Traffic Cameras + Street View/Travel/NOAA Vessel/Ferr

WSDOT/Washington Traffic Camer Description

For support, send an email to

2014 mid-year app refresh is ongoing. Additional features are being added and user interface and usability issues are also being reviewed.

With our award winning one-click-app-switcher, you can switch from traffic cameras app to NOAA/weather, travel, nearby or tools. Basically, you can own multiple apps at the same time by in-app purchase or purchase the full version.

Fully developed with iOS7 SDK and tested with iOS7 and iOS6 with new iOS7 GUI.

Still running iOS6, no problem, the new iOS7 look GUI is here and ready for you to show off.

Joining 300,000 people using our Apps, the number 1 fast growing traffic/travel/NOAA apps.

2013/2014 LISTnet Long Island Software Award Winner

> Support 11 localization languages. Change your prefer language to the support language and you are ready to go:
Danish - Traffic Rejser Vejret All In One
Germany - Traffic Reisewetter All In One
Spanish - Tráfico Viajes El Tiempo All In One
French - Traffic Voyage Météo All In One
Italian - Traffico Meteo Viaggi All In One
Russian - Движение Путешествия Погода все в одном
Japanese - Oneの交通旅行天気すべて
Korean - 교통 여행 날씨 하나에서 모두
Dutch - Voeg Bladwijzer Toe
Simplified Chinese - 交通旅游天气多合一
Traditional Chinese – 交通旅遊天氣多合一

> Text-To-Speech assistant for English and supported localized languages. Click on the headphone button on your screen anytime to get the detail feature usage.

> Built in comprehensive getting started and help

> Traffic
Cameras listed by Road/County
Cameras snapshot
Camera Location view (fast forward/backward, swip support)
Cameras See all Gallery/Photo view (Full version with 150x150 and 75x75 thumbnail options)
Camera bookmark
Camera Sharing Social network integration (Full Version)
Camera Map
Alert Location View and alert text-to-speech support
Alert Map
Traffic Map
Map View additional features:
- GPS integration to quickly find out anything around you
- Yelp Search & Review integration anywhere (Full Version)
- Streetview integration anywhere (Full Version)
- Naigation/Directions integration anywhere
- Real time Bus/Streetcar (Full Version)
- Vessel/Ferry (Full Version)

> Travel: (Full Version)
Travel Destination Guide from the Wikivoyage
Travel Destination Nearby Search & Review/Street View
Travel Destination Map for Search & Review/Street View
Travel Destination Photos from Flickr
Wikipedia for anywhere in the world
Real TIme Bus/Streetcar routes/directions/stops/prediction with Map view
Vessel/Ferry with Map View
Transit mobile site
Flight schedule/status

> Weather (Full Version)
Destinations 5 Days Temperature Forecast
Real Time Alerts from NOAA
Weather Radio broadcast
Radar image
5 Days Graphic Forecast

> Nearby (Find out anything based upon your current location)(Full Version)
Yelp Search & Review (Restaurants, Bars, Coffee, Gas stations, Landmarks, Hotels, Parking, Tours, Car Rental, Pharmacies, Deals, Everything)
Street view (Everything you come back to this view, it will change based upon your current location).

> Tools
Real Time NY Alert for New York and New York City
Axis Survelliance IP Cameras integration
Simple games for entertainment

And more…

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