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Jun 01, 2014
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Work Log -Time sheet -


Work Log -Time sheet - Description

‘Work Log' spent on the job with this powerful, customizable & easy to use app.

-- Features
1. easy to use interface. Simple, single touch “Clock in”,”Clock Out" button for on-the-go time tracking.
"(go)out/return" button for lunchtime or your private time are deducted.
2. Records all of time spent and provides a running total for each log
3. choose to display time in hours/minutes or decimal format
4. Unlimited customizable "Profile"s.
‘Work Log' provides a number of internal settings that let you tune profiling to your needs.
5. The "Profile"s according to worker's working form
6. Each working form
[monthly salary(standard)] - single shiftwork;fixed time(clock in/out)
[shift work] - multi shiftwork;the time(clock in/out) that was fixed every shift;six shift available
[annual salary] - overtime working is not calculated(but the time of midnight working is calculated)
7. and the payroll calculation method which is selectable.(The profile of a part time can choose only the hourly-wage system.)
8. Semi-automatic punching(clock in;When the restrictive profile is chosen )
9. Monthly time sheet
10.Annual time sheet that can compare the results is prepared for last year
11.Email your time sheet reports in either plain text or comma delimited (CSV) format for easy import to Excel or Numbers
12.Includes Dropbox backup/restore
13.Creates a daily memo to Evernote

※The record for 40 days is possible at first.
 Meanwhile, there is no limit of the function.
※Digital display font: Copyright (c) Yourname, Inc.

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