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May 15, 2014
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Wireless Monitor & Listen (Monitor the baby and all the things of the

Wireless Monitor & Listen (Mon Description

◆◆ AMAZING!! So Cool!! ◆◆ Third Eye can let your device camera become a wireless monitor including AUDIO and VIDEO.◆◆

*If can not work
--Make sure your iPhone and Mac or PC in a SAME WIFI network and they can communicate with each other.
--Please try turning off the PC firewall.

Have you ever wanted to know if your baby or child is sleeping well, while you are working at next door?
Have you ever thought to transfer meeting as a streaming- video to other co-workers outside?

Now you don't be worried anything, just because of Third Eye.

IN THE SAME WIFI Network,Third Eye can help your PC or Mac to view real-time video from your iPhone camera,You can also hear real-time audio.Also, you can hear audio-streaming and remote recording audio, that's really really amazing.

It's extremely simple to use, the only thing you need to do is to launch any browser ( Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, ... ), like surfing internet site such as Google, and you can also take a photo and save it. But there is one important thing you need to aware of, that is, your PC or Mac must have 'Microsoft Silverlight' plug-in, which is the best browser-plugin in the world provided by Microsoft, being installed. I truly believe that most of the now-a-day computers already have it. Even if your computer doesn’t have it, Third Eye will show you how to do.

◆Support video and audio.
◆Support sound recording in the browser.
◆Support taking photo in the browser.
◆Support full-screen view video.

v 2.3
◆ added toggle front/back camera from browser.
◆ added control multiplayer connections.
◆ added passcode connections.
◆ added video quality control.
◆ removed text "Turn on the light" .
◆ some bugs fixed.

Step by step to teach you how:

1. Make sure that your device is in the same WIFI network or LAN with other computers.

2. Launch Third Eye, click "Open Eye" button.

3. After Third Eye starts successfully, you only need to surf the URL address displayed in Third Eye, and then enjoy real-time streaming video remotely from your camera.

4. You also may share it with your family, friends, send the URL address to them. But be careful, they MUST retain in the same WIFI network or LAN,IT'S MOST IMPORTANT.

Third Eye also supports multiple connections at the same time, including you and your friends.

Now download and install it quickly, feel the powerful features of Third Eye to drive your life amazing.



For Taiwan or Hong Kong users to read:

Third Eye可以讓您的設備(iPhone,iPad2,iTouch)相機變身為一個無線監控器,您除了可以看到實時圖像,還能聽到實時聲音.



現在您一切都不同擔心,因為有了Third Eye.

在同一個wifi網絡環境中,Third Eye可以讓您在PC或MAC上查看您設備相機中的實時圖像,監聽實時聲音,您還可以將聲音無線錄製下來.

另人驚喜的是, 您只需要打開電腦中的瀏覽器(Safari, InternetExplorer, Firefox, Chrome...)就可以查看.您還可以在瀏覽器中進行拍照, 將視頻中的圖像保存下來.,

但是您首先需要安裝Microsoft silverlight,它是微軟最出色的插件之一,我相信大部分的電腦都已經安裝了.即使您沒有安裝,Third Eye也會提示您,並教您怎麼安裝.此外您再也不需要安裝任何軟件.


2,打開Third Eye,點擊 Open Eye.
3,Third Eye順利啟動後,您只需在電腦瀏覽器中輸入Third Eye上顯示的Url地址.這樣您就可以觀賞您設備相機中的實時圖像
4,點擊地址,您還可以將地址發送給您的其它朋友. 但是需要注意的是,他們必須與您都處在同一個wifi網絡下

Third Eye支持多個客戶端同時連接.包括您和您的朋友.


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