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Jun 05, 2014
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Winmail Reader for iOS


Winmail Reader for iOS Description

◆◆◆ ON SALE! Buy now for US$1.99 (Original price US$7.99) ◆◆◆

Winmail Reader is ultimate tool for reading "winmail.dat" attachment files on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Winmail Reader decodes "winmail.dat" file, and allows any attachments contained in them to be opened, read, saved or e-mailed.

Winmail.dat files are in fact TNEF format (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format). Microsoft Outlook e-mail program for Windows send e-mails as TNEF. Most other e-mail programs, including Mail, do not understand TNEF. If your e-mail program doesn't understand TNEF, you may only see an attachment named "winmail.dat" that you cannot open. The easy-to-use solution to circumvent this problem is provided by Winmail Reader.


◆ Decodes "winmail.dat" files and list all attachments contained in it including email message.

◆ Inbuilt quick-look preview to view attachments. Tap on attachment button to popup quick-look preview.

◆ Allows attachments files to Open In… another application or to Print or to share file to nearby iOS devices via AirDrop. Long press on attachment button to show action option menus.

◆ Resend entire decoded email as it is with message and extracted attachments.

◆ Creates, edit and adds Microsoft Outlook Appointment and Meeting to iOS Calendar. It also reads embedded note.

◆ Creates and adds contact address card into iOS Contacts.

◆ Reads nested message in full RTF format as separate file.

Winmail Reader for Mac OS X is available on the Mac App Store.
Visit our website for more information:

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