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Jun 14, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 1.5
Rating: 54

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WiFi Locator & Connection Manager for Hotspots


WiFi Locator & Connection Mana Description

Easily find and manage your WiFi hotspot connections with WiFi Locator.

Ever found yourself in town, no 3G coverage, wandering around trying to locate a decent WiFi connection. Or maybe traveling to that important meeting and wanting to stop off and just catch up on email. You know those coffee shops have WiFi but bet you can't find one when you need to!

We did and that is why we came up with WiFi Locator. We hope you'll find it as useful as we have.

WiFi Locator uses your devices location service to find nearby WiFi hotspots and display them on a map. Or you can enter an address and it will display the WiFi hotspots in your chosen area. Simple and really useful!

Once you've found your hotspot WiFi Locator will get you surfing from a single touch by remembering your login details and running automated actions to get you browsing (or you can set up your own actions if you prefer). It's built in diagnostics will check the hotspot and let you know if there's a problem.

WiFi Locator currently includes location data for UK WiFi hotspots. We're planning to add more countries in the future.

Let us know on any features which you think are missing or vote on already suggested features so we can be working on what you the user want. Or just check out on want we are working on it's all on the forum.

Now available on Twitter @

v1.0.4 Hotspot configuration supports (released 13 Jun 09)

• BT Openzone (BTOpenzone) [NO iPhone issues]
• BTFON (BT Openzone's FON equivalent)
• T-Mobile (tmobile, T-Mobile_ICE, T_Mobile_T-Com)
• Orange
• The Cloud (WiFi Zone - The Cloud, WLAN Zone - The Cloud)
• iBahn
• David Lloyd Fitness Club Wireless (available within the club)
• WISPr compatible hotspots

(above list just highlights best known Hotspots in UK, there are many more hotspots supported)

Known Issues
• Previously reported problems with iPhone 3.0 have now been resolved via latest iPhone OS updates (3.1 onwards ) - please use iTunes and check that you are up to via 'Check for Updates'.

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