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Jun 23, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 59

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Wi-Drive Description

The Wi-Drive® App(1) provides wireless portable storage and file sharing for iPod touch®, iPad® and iPhone®. Wirelessly store and share your favorite photos, videos, music and files with at least three friends on their own devices simultaneously. Wi-Drive has the ability to stay connected to the Internet while accessing and sharing your content(2). With Wi-Drive you can store more of what you need and do more with the Apple device you love. View the podcast via iTunes by searching Wi-Drive.

Additional Features:
- Multitasking – run other Apps while using Wi-Drive features.
- Enhanced File Management - Music, Photos and Videos file sorting
- Enhanced Music Player
- Playback controls (prev/play/next/shuffle/repeat)
- Album art (ID3) display
- Enhanced Photo Features
- Thumbnail and slideshow display
- Finger swipe capabilities
- Additional Network Setting - select Wi-Fi channel
- Local Storage - wirelessly transfer files to and from the Wi-Drive App and the Wi-Drive hardware.
- Open In - copy and open documents(3) in other Apps.
- Email – email files up to 10MB
- Delete – delete files wirelessly
- If you do have DRM content purchased through iTunes, you can access the file via your Safari Browser. Simply open Safari, enter the IP address of Wi-Drive into the URL box, which is and press Enter.(4)
- AirPlay support for music and video.(5)
- Added an “Open in” button to iPhone and iPod touch for easier access to the latest features.
- Put the volume button back into the app.
- Minor bug fixes

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(1) Requires use with Kingston Wi-Drive hardware.
(2) Requires service, 3G not supported.
(3) Open In feature only works with Documents.
(4) Not all of the functions and features that are found in the application will work within the Browser and sharing may be limited to devices that are synched with iTunes. Rental Content is not supported.
(5) Requires an AirPlay compatible device.

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