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Jun 05, 2014
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WhoCallMe Description

Making a strong management of contact information for businessman “ I know who you are”
- Simultaneous monitor printing of name/ job position/division/company
- Simultaneous managing the business cards with the contact information
- Printing the images of business cards when receiving phone calls
- Providing the strong searching functions (name/job position/division/company)
- Providing the complex searching functions (simultaneous searching name/job position)
- Providing the searching functions by initial name basically

Announcement list
1.5.2 update
- Modify the searching also by “ㄲ ㄷ” when searching the initial “ 고 길동”
- It can take a lot of time on storaging the converted result in case of many contact lists.
- Please wait and never stop in the middle time because it is not knocked down.

Are you sorry for the i-phone just showing name when receiving phone-calls?

If you don’t know who it is just by name?
If you want to indicate the job position/division/company with the name on the receiving monitors?
If you sorry for searching the basic contact list?
If you manage the business cards with the contact list?
If you indicate the business cards on the receiving phone calls monitor ?

Major function
1. Indicate the sub information (job position/division/company) on phone receiving display
2. Indicate business cards iamge on phone receiving display
3. Function of business cards case (Picturing and managing of business card)
4. Function of intensified searching contact list (searching initial name, phone number/
Searching job position/division/company information
5. Function of complex searching contact list (simultaneous searching over 2 items)


1. If you press conversion button after you practice the app, the field of “job position/division/company” is added on the address book & indicated together with receiving phone calls.
2. You can search by initial name or phone-calls on the iphone basic contact list after conversion.
3. It returns to the original state when you press the restoration button.
4. You can practice the action just one time if you convert. Then you can convert
if somebody is added on the contact list.
5. If you take and restore a picture after you select the favorite images of contact list pushing the camera buttons on the left side of lower tier, the business card images are stored automatically on the contact list..
6. The stored images are indicated automatically on the receiving monitor so that you can grasp somebody calls when receiving the phone.

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