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Jun 12, 2014
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Wheretoget - Fashion style and shopping


Wheretoget - Fashion style and Description

Say hello to Wheretoget: #1 Fashion App in USA for stylish people!
Find where to get clothing you have seen on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Available for iPhone and iPad, it is already used by millions of fashionistas!

Wheretoget on Twitter:
"Every girl should download & have the wheretoget app <3" @chelseaairby
"I am obsessed with the app omg” @rachelbarborek
"My latest addiction has been the Wheretoget app & website. People post outfits and clothes and then people tell you where you can buy it!” @foxtrot44

Our community of fashionistas helps you get inspired and find all the fashion items you want but don’t know where to find: millions of items to browse and buy, hundreds of thousands of brands, e-shops and looks!

It will become for sure your favorite fashion assistant for three reasons:
- You can ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT to the community: if you’re dying to know where to get this dress you fell in love with, post its picture on Wheretoget and get the answer!
- You can PERSONALIZE YOUR FEED: follow the celebs, trends, tv shows, bloggers, accessories and clothes you like in order to get inspired and buy your favorite looks!
- And of course you can HAVE FUN: help other fellow fashionistas find the newest trends and share your fashion tips!

Now get on board too and join our addicted members!

-- Wheretoget's team <3

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