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Nov 14, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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Rating: 17

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Where the Hell Am I? Description

Did you ever . . .
Come upon an accident scene and need to tell the emergency services where to find it?
Wake up in a strange apartment and not want to ask the person lying next to you how you got there?
Go on a long concert tour and forget which city you’re in?
Find yourself in the trunk (boot) of a black sedan and need to tell the good guys where to rescue you?
Stalk you favorite celebrity so long you lost track of where you are?
Fall asleep on a train and wonder whether you’ve missed your stop?
Get taken to a great restaurant and want to find out what street it’s on?
If so, this application is for you.

In keeping with the KLR Applications philosophy of deploying the simplest possible user interface, the Where the Hell Am I? application requires only that you start up the program. The software does the rest. No configuration required.

In a matter of seconds, it will display four vital pieces of information . . .
- Your approximate street address
- A map showing your current location
- Your GPS location
- The accuracy of the location information

Where the Hell Am I? automatically keeps you in the center of the map as you move, so that you don't have to constantly be fiddling with the map as you walk or drive.

1) The accuracy of the location is only as good as the information your device has available. GPS (available on the iPhone 3G and 3Gs) is the most accurate, but generally does not work indoors. Cell tower triangulation works on all iPhones, but only if you have a good signal. It is less accurate than GPS. Wi-Fi triangulation is only available in certain urban areas, but works in all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch. If the accuracy of the location isn’t good, you might see a different, nearby address displayed. So pay attention to the accuracy info at the bottom of the display.

2) If you’re not near any place that has an address - for example, out in the woods or on a highway - the application will not have an address to display. Makes sense, right?

3) The address that’s displayed will likely be a range of buildings. Often a whole block. It’s not like Google knows the exact GPS location of every building on the planet (yet).

4) Reverse geocoding (creating an address from longitude and latitude) is not available for all countries. To check availability in your country, go to:

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