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Apr 06, 2014
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Watchables - A Fingerprint Network App


Watchables - A Fingerprint Net Description

Watchables - The Curated Video App That’s Just for Kids!

Transform your device into a safe, educational, ad-free kids’ video experience!

Watchables is a beautiful new video app that delivers the best educational children's content in a safe and fun package. Kids and their parents can choose their favorite videos from channels like Math, Science, History and more, and enjoy endless, ad-free playlists of curated YouTube videos relevant to their topic of interest. Watchables is appropriate for kids 12 and under and is powered by Magikflix.

Playlist Channels Include:
- Music
- Animals
- Science
- TED Talks for Kids
- Spanish
- Math
- Phonics
- News
- Game Trailers
- More Channels to Come in Future Updates!

Additional parental features include the abilities to set a limit on screentime and filter videos appropriate to the kid’s age.


The Fingerprint Network

Watchables is part of the Fingerprint Network of games for Learning and Play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole family including:

- A Shared Family Account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account.

- In-App messaging lets kids and parents to send one another fun and encouraging messages.

- A curated Game Catalog suggests new Apps based on your child's interests and learning levels.

- Parent Controls keep In-App-Purchase behind a parent gate.

Magikflix is a curated video service for kids providing age-appropriate fun and educational videos for kids.

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