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Jun 07, 2014
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Voipeer - Free Messages, Free Calls & Video Calls


Voipeer - Free Messages, Free Description

!Download Voipeer and enjoy the most complete communications application.

Choose from your contact list another person who has installed Voipeer and make FREE calls and video calls wherever you are with your own phone number and to make you feel even closer also send messages, pictures, audio notes and video for FREE.

***NOTE***: Calls, Video Calls and SMS are only FREE, between Voipeer users who have installed this application. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android.


** We have the cheapest prices in the market to call destinations OFFNET Voipeer.

Prices in USD:

Spain Mobile: $0.039
India Mobile : $ 0.014
United Kingdom Mobile : $ 0.043
México Mobile $0.058
USA: $0.009

Calls to landlines from $ 0.0085

Visit our website and find more rates :


Voipeer integrates all the free communication services and much more in only one App. Through Voipeer you can interact from anywhere in the world with your friends and loved ones in different ways so you're always near.

Is no longer necessary to download different applications to communicate, Voipeer has it all! , Is rich in features that facilitate fabulous and enjoyable uses with the highest quality.

For all this Voipeer is your best choice in communications!


* It's 100% FREE Voipeer- to-Voipeer.
* Allows sharing text / voice / video messages
* Funny Emoticons
* Integration with Facebook and Gtalk
* Audio multiparty conferences- talk with many people at the same time
* Сall transfer
* Call waiting - two separate conversations at the same time
* Add your own phone number so you can receive calls.
* Immediately update all your contacts from the phonebook integrated
* The messages are instantaneous, and excellent performance without battery discharge.
* The quality of voice and video between users is Excellent.
* Allows customizations or Avatars.
* Customization welcome messages in the mailbox
* Interactive Mailbox
* Allows calls to other destinations that are not Voipeer at very low prices.
* Constant updating and improvements.


** FOR FREE CALLS, Choose from your contact list to another person who has installed Voipeer, and call.

** To call international destinations are not Voipeer, you must recharge your account.
To call using the keypad in the following format:

00 + country code + number -> For fixed
00 + number -> To Cell Phones

** To view the international calling RATES, type a number in the dial pad. You will see the price below,..or also go to: Menu-Top Up-Rates


To activate the application, you must use your own phone number (choose country and enter the phone number without country code). You will receive an activation code via SMS or Callback or an Email. This ensures that you are the owner of your phone number.

Voipeer immediately updates all contacts from the phone book to get you started to make and receive FREE calls, send messages and enjoy all its features FREE for you.

Also you can invite all your contacts from Voipeer App, to download the application via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS, you can also invite at friends of work or family who have devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.


Please firstly refer to 'Menu - Help - report Problems ' or through 'Menu - Help - chose button twitter or facebook '

Follow us @voipeer on Twitter
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We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

Copyright © Voipper 2013. All Rights Reserved

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