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Nov 09, 2011
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 23

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Voddio - Video Audio Editor


Voddio - Video Audio Editor Description

** Free download lets you to try out the Record and Edit features.
** Use In-App purchase to enable the Export features and then Sign Up for our Free VeriSend Service

Finally, an app that produces truly professional quality videos and then delivers them over the Internet directly from your device !

Voddio is the ideal app for media and marketing professionals, or for video enthusiasts who want to take their iPhone videos to the next level. Voddio allows you to edit multitrack video, and multitrack audio and mix them together professionally.

Voddio can be a powerful tool for news media, marketing and PR professionals, schools, local government, realtors, online podcasters, or anyone else who needs to have multiple users uploading video directly to a website or a newsroom system.

The free download version lets you record and edit HD video, and play it back on the device, or stream it to your Apple TV over AirPlay, or watch it on a TV or monitor with an adapter cable.

Upgrade to the Paid version to unlock the Sending, Sharing and Export functions, and add the ability to send large files over the Internet, directly from your device, using our new VeriSend service.

After the In-App Purchase process you will be asked to create a free Basic User account on VeriSend.

VeriSend provides a reliable uploading process that transfers your media file to our server and then forwards an email with a download link to your designated recipient; or it can deliver your file directly to a web site or ingress system.

VeriSend automatically works in the background, managing the upload process while you do other things, like answer the phone, or record more video. VeriSend will pause and resume the upload process as you move between available networks. It works seamlessly over both WiFi and Cellular networks and gets your file uploaded to the server reliably. No more frustration with failed uploads.

The free Basic VeriSend Account will allow you to send files of up to 100MB in size, with a monthly limit of 250MB of uploads. You can manage your uploaded files and VeriSend subscription level on our website at

Please READ the onboard QuickStart Guide on the Help page to better understand the rich features of this App, or Watch the Training Videos that are also available through the Help page on the App.

Watch our training videos, to see how easy to use, yet powerful, our audio / video editor really is : or

Features :
- Intuitive Touch Interface
- Tap to add video, photos, music, and voice
- Select a recording and highlight the clip(s) you want to use, its that easy
- Easily adjust the start and stop points of any clip by dragging the handles of the clip
- Work with two tracks of video to edit A-roll and B-roll
- Use the two audio tracks to layer background music and/or voiceover
- Accurate video editing down to 1/10th of a second
- Add fades, transitions, and titling to any video clip, or slide
- Detailed waveforms for precision audio editing
- Volume curve controls let you add audio fades and voice ducking
- Easily adjust the volume of any clip, including the audio associated to a video clip
- Import from camera roll and iTunes music library
- Includes a script writer, so you can include text stories with your audio or video

- Paid version allows you to send large media files directly from your device over the Internet through VeriSend
- Paid version also enables other Sending and Sharing functions

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