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May 01, 2012
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 0

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Undead Friend Finder 1.0


Undead Friend Finder 1.0 Description presents Undead Friend Finder!

"I got the app about a week ago ... I love it. Thank you so much!" -

A tool for all fans of the addictive Undead LIVE game, Undead Friend Finder gives you access to thousands of undead players to help you on your way to getting the biggest bloodline of them all!

Promote yourself! Undead Friend Finder remembers your code/race and with a single touch, you can submit and bump yourself to the top of the code list at!

No more blindly adding codes - this tool tells you which codes to add, and which ones you have already added.


* Remembers which codes you have added, so the "Already Added" message becomes a thing of the past!

* Automatic submission and bumping to - one press of a button and the app does the rest. Never need to remember your code or race again!

* Race information - each code has a race assigned to it so you can make sure you only invite players of the same race as you.

* Ranking updates - see what rank you are on the list.

* Latest Undead - get more information at your fingertips and see how long ago codes were bumped, improving the speed of acceptance.

* Access to featured undead with the biggest bloodlines to make you more powerful!

*Highlighting of the strongest players you can ally with.

Expand your bloodline today!

This is an unofficial Undead LIVE app, powered by

The official Undead LIVE application is required to obtain codes, and is available in the freenew.

iPod users note - Internet connection required!

Recommended for users of The Crypt or iCodes.

If you enjoy this application, you may also enjoy the iMob Friend Finder, iVampires Friend Finder or Girl Wars Friend Finder!

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