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Jan 06, 2014
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Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Edition


Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Edition Description

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Edition is usually £1.99 but thanks to the Daily Star Sunday you can download it for FREE Sunday 5th and Monday 6th January 2014. Check out more free sports apps being promoted by the Daily Star Sunday at

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter is the latest addition to the blockbuster Trial Xtreme series, which to date has exceeded 50,000,000 downloads

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter challenges you with 36 amazing new levels in a wintery setting of icy trails and snow-capped mountains, and contains original obstacles and challenges that take your experience to new extremes.
As with Trial Xtreme 2, which conquered the #1 position in the sports category in 64 countries, the winter edition also employs cutting-edge technology to give you the most realistic ride experience while demanding skill and concentration. Features include realistic physics engine, intuitive tilt-based controls and star grabbing that tests your bike control and abilities. Trial Xtreme 2 Winter is all about balance, skill and control as you guide your rider across the ramps, jumps, exploding barrels and obstacles and collect stars in these brilliantly challenging new tracks.

Game Features:

•Introducing 36 brand new levels in wintery environment
•Negotiate hundreds of obstacles including exploding barrels, ramps, jumbo tires, rocks, planks and more
•Super detailed new Unity-powered graphics engine brings your rider and the game world to life
•Intuitive tilt control system using the phone’s accelerometer. Use precision control like never before
•Ultra-realistic rider and bike physics built on the NVIDIA® PhysX® engine lets you feel it all as you flip, jump, bump and crash your way to victory
•Max out your score and play the world through Gamecenter
•Improve your score by collecting stars while navigating through obstacles

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