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May 26, 2014
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 5

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Time Travel eXplorer HD – London


Time Travel eXplorer HD – Lond Description

Time Traveller eXplorer - London HD lets you explore historical London as it was in the past.

Native iPad version of award winning iPhone app now available. See the maps in beautiful HD detail on the iPad screen. Use Time Travel mode to watch the landscape change.

This version includes four high resolution historical maps of London (1862, 1830, 1799 & 1746) as well as a modern map, over 750 points of interest, 150 audio guides and over 2000 old and new pictures.

The 1862 and modern maps are bundled with the app. Three further maps (1830, 1799, 1746) are included and can be displayed over the air. These maps may also be downloaded at no charge and stored within the app, removing the need for network coverage and associated data charges.

With TTX you can:
- follow your route on antique maps that show you the streets and buildings from centuries ago
- use GPS to show you what lies beneath the modern city and what has survived to the present day
- click on points of interest to get detailed information about your location
- get the highlights of London's history right where you need them.
- Understand the origins of the Tower of London, why Guy Fawkes had the last laugh blowing up the Houses of Parliament and many more that make the past come alive

- high-quality digitised images of four important historical maps*
- 750 points of interest with full descriptions
- 2000 photos including life in London over 100 years ago
- 150 audio guides
- expert tour information from a qualified Blue Badge guide
- seamless transfer from one era to another - travel through time!

Update: iPhone App of the Week for 8th October 2010
Update: Featured in What's Hot in UK app store
Update: Top Ten Travel app

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